30 presets


It took me 3 years to create my presets. They have also been modified and improved so many times!
Using the presets, I can form that unique color and black-and-white that you can see in each of my works.


I prefer adjusting color and black-and-white while still shooting.
During processing in Lightroom, I only try to emphasize and bring out details. 




it’s mostly warm, sometimes has shades of blue in the shadows

created using standard and tone curve settings in Lightroom



contrasting, can be with and without noise

created using standard and tone curve settings in Lightroom

Here are the cameras I used to create my presets:

Canon 5D Mark |||
Canon 5D Mark |V
Canon 1DX
Canon EOS R
Canon EOS R6



The presets are meant to be used for processing on your computer  using Adobe Lightroom.

They are not suitable with the phone version of Lightroom


By purchasing my presets, you will get warm shades, slightly «seasoned» with noise.

You can also change each of the presets as you want using Lightroom settings such as contrast, white balance, noise, curves, standard settings for sharpening, brightness and others.